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File: 1592503911686.png (59.51 KB, 846x540, 48385373848.png)  


Hi, where are the ukrainian memes :DDD
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File: 1592516762119.jpg (95.89 KB, 768x1024, 200016700673_157999.jpg)  

I used to have twelve cats, but village cats are not always social animals, so they ran away.



File: 1592521940437.webm (3.02 MB, 400x226, are such jokes allowed he….webm)  


File: 1592557400327.jpg (27.95 KB, 540x405, original.jpg)  

I see you're a man of culture as well.



File: 1592494921007.png (242.44 KB, 1004x1080, amicus-thinking.png)  


Tell me about the suffering in the Uktaine
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I don't understand either. That's like KC Runglish but much more amusing.


File: 1592504790816.png (68.12 KB, 240x221, kloun.png)  

President is an literal kloun


what kind of dog? i want him


Is this dog yours?

File: 1592708812525.png (11.22 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)  


Greetings from late.city. Would you care for some nice drawing time?


File: 1592716123337.png (14.04 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)  



How's it going in HK?


File: 1592736049150-0.jpg (561.29 KB, 1900x1267, qtLVx0pp3IX3gln8e6zyIQ.jpg)  

File: 1592736049150-1.jpg (119.42 KB, 1280x960, 20200621_133911.jpg)  

Ukraine - Hong Kong.

Same energy


File: 1592809044505.png (19.47 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)  

I'm not HK, I'm just using onion. Sorry to disappoint

File: 1592615466482.jpg (6.97 KB, 300x300, EVf8oW8VAAwL3Ox.jpg)  


Shhhh, Ukrainians are asleep
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Try to jerk off lil


It's not interesting already


Buy some artificial vaginae then.


File: 1592680962668.png (923.82 KB, 564x777, ClipboardImage.png)  

coomer stop


File: 1592732062812.jpg (38.46 KB, 720x720, b677a8b4f65801c2b1c3c055e6….jpg)  

Hey, baby, wake up from your asleep
We have arrived onto the future
And the whole world is become

File: 1592623506940.png (1.58 MB, 900x1093, ClipboardImage.png)  


Yet again, I am bored.
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Haven't read "Monday begins on Saturday". I tried once to read "Hard to be a god", but that's not my cup of tea to be honest.


hard to be a god is a good one. You really should try reading monday begins on saturday. That book is fuckin great. The sequel is worse tho.


File: 1592686133402.jpg (127.14 KB, 1484x1094, 1533157735516.jpg)  

Well, I'll try to read the book then, thank you for the recommendation.



File: 1592687228338.jpg (1.99 MB, 3024x2306, 20200620_170322.jpg)  

My Strugatsky brothers book collection

File: 1592632742246-0.jpg (149.78 KB, 600x596, the-pitiable-suffering-Ber….jpg)  

File: 1592632742246-1.png (576.31 KB, 1389x979, Amicus-husbando-43.PNG)  


If I kill myself, will I get to be with my 2D husbando?


File: 1592633497176.jpg (2.16 MB, 1370x1749, Hortus_Deliciarum_-_Hell.jpg)  

No, faggot. You go straight to hell.


Nah man. Best to just stay with us and wait for the future.


Accept and embrace the absurd.


O-Ok. Maybe VR will advance enough to allow for it someday.

File: 1592602954577.jpg (307.47 KB, 1280x1630, 884612b72346728d9788eedcce….jpg)  


hi lads wyd?


Tryna sleep. What about you Aussie-san?


Why aren't you sleeping?


Listening to some techno. What about you?


File: 1592642727103.gif (1.74 MB, 500x277, 1540455628_tumblr_p22kxmW6….gif)  

Haha, I already was sleeping when you wrote this post. I thought it would be hard to fall asleep.

File: 1592607298067.png (110.99 KB, 400x400, greetings-white.png)  


The default username has been changed to Bezosibny - Ukrainian for "Anonymous" (used exlusively in context of anon imageboard users).

Thank you for visiting Nichan - Ukrainian Bezosibny Imageboard!
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Well, to be honest, when people asked me to open an international board (because every ib has to have one, apparently!) I was sceptical about it - there is already Kohlchan, ancestor of Kraut, that pretty much holds monopoly on /int. I anticipated to see a lot of spam on this board and nothing more.

But I am surprized to see you, lovely people, here. Please, feel right at home!


It's pretty, simple and functional. Oh, and the font is also appealing.


Thank you! This place seems nice.


File: 1592611077200.png (2.93 KB, 242x208, pure-love-kc.png)  

Thank you! This is such a cozy board, I love it.


File: 1592596417139-0.jpg (146.7 KB, 1080x1080, confused.jpg)  


Why are we called Bernds? I am sure you can come up with something original and Ukrainian.
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See, it didn't take long.


I've just written to the admin, maybe he'll change the name.


Thanks, it's very nice of you.


Agreed, fuck Kaycee



File: 1592598757589.jpg (111.25 KB, 683x1024, 1592387834201-1.jpg)  




Tel Hai!
Where are you from?


Nice girl.


she's annoying as fuck.


Is she still a thing?


Itʼs like wine. But how old wine will be nice — itʼs question for wine and time.

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