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Happy New Year!

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File: 1606322350067.jpg (63.68 KB, 410x600, 410px-Maradona_gol_Napoli_….jpg)  


Maradona died.
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Як для залежного наркомана - непогано дожив до 60-ти.


File: 1606397231028-0.jpg (56.45 KB, 887x541, IMG_20201126_152445_119.jpg)  

File: 1606397231028-1.mp4 (1.69 MB, Марадонна.mp4)  

Maybe, it's a good, thing Diego died.


File: 1606402112797.jpg (35.34 KB, 768x432, skynews-diego-maradona_516….jpg)  

apology for poor english

when were you when maradona dies?

i was sat at nichan when new thread ring

'maradona is kill'

'i don't give a shit, fuck off'


I closed /b/ for a moment to update the news feed.


on FB
then all of a sudden people started mourning him or celebrating it
I closed fb inmediately

File: 1605992680203.png (790.32 KB, 1920x1080, sleep.png)  


You enter lörs room and find pic-related lying on your bed. How do you proceed?
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File: 1605994717619.jpg (27.02 KB, 640x339, image (7).jpg)  

The best answer


File: 1606003182576.png (952 B, 196x160, 1292825420236_u18chan.png)  

Awww, Bezosibny


File: 1606031633914.png (341.37 KB, 640x446, tenor.png)  


File: 1606032122932.jpg (27.79 KB, 500x642, Haters_gonna_hate_you.jpg)  


File: 1606045282505.png (243.33 KB, 680x709, aaf.png)  

File: 1605913744230.jpg (338.96 KB, 843x1500, MV5BODcwMmE5NTctMDMzYy00ND….jpg)  


Does Bezos possess mysterious Slavic soul?
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This reminds me of a discussion about Stalker game.

- It's a bad game by gaming standards!
- Yes, but it has SOUL!
- Yeah, I agree with you on that, it does have soul.

this is a real discussion, I really saw people have it.


I'm not sure, I just see Slavs on various imageboards claiming that it is a thing. Mainly Rossiyans, but also Poles, Ukrainians.

Stalker was fun for me, but it is very barebones. To be fair, I was drunk on gin through a large portion of the game.


Stalker wasn't a game designed for the whole world to enjoy. It was a game designed by a ussr oldfag for ussr oldfags. It was meant to give that that shitty nostalgic feeling. I remember playing Stalker for the first time, when I walked to an abandoned bus stop and my first thought was "WOW, it look just like a bus stop I used to walk by as a child".

One of the multistory building looked just like an old abandoned multistory building we have on the outskirts of town, that nobody cares to destroy or rebuild. And the whole game is filled with such little "easter eggs" (if you even can call them that), that are meant to be near and dear to Ukrainians and other post soviet folks. I still don't really get why it used to be popular in the west, as they don't get the SOUL of that game.

Also, the creator of the game could not decide if they were going to set the game in Ukraine or USSR. All signs set it to be Ukraine, but the currency in the game is soviet rubles (you can tell them from russian rubles by the picture of Lenin on them). I believe that was a mistake by them and they should have fully went to use modern Ukraine as the setting, because soviet rubles look just stupid.

>just see Slavs on various imageboards claiming that it is a thing

Don't bother. They just want to feel special. You might as well claim to have american soul with just the same level of commitment to it.


Speaking of Stalker:

If I reached the Monolith, my wish would be to make Amicus real and be with me



But the Monolith is an illusion.

File: 1605031772949.png (287.26 KB, 600x600, 4b262.png)  


You know something that really pisses me off?

That the majority of furries lack any type of self-awareness. Why do I say this?

Because a few groups and individuals out there have been able to churn out some decent and even good (gfur) VNs or dating sims that everyone likes. Games like 'Adastra', 'Echo', 'Blackgate', etc.

But of course, this just leads the cringe, bottom-of-the-barrel autists to think they too can create something good, so they start producing their own games with shitty, sub-part art, awful writing, and donut steel characters. And then when they are told their shit is not good at all, they and their thirsty sycophants raise Hell.

I hate them because they keep flooding the market with pure shit, while further making it rare for any decent stuff to emerge. If you're not good at writing, then don't attempt to write a visual novel; if you're not good at drawing, do not attempt to make the art and sprites for one.

I feel so ashamed to be grouped in with them.

Rant over.
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Many Whites weren't even monarchists, that's just how inept Nicholas II had been. A few were, of course, but many just had republican or social democrat leanings, preferring a more representative state (like Kerensky's Provisional Government) without overly radical ideologies. Sure, Russia needed change, but not the sweeping, overnight changes called upon by the Bolsheviks.


According to your map Kuban decided not to align themselves with the White Army.


:R I see

i just downloaded it but did not read it :v
still wanted to know bezos perception tho


Funny, I was recently reading a (fiction) book that involves a character being born in Ukraine in 1900 and going through the Russian Revolution, Civil War, getting entangled with Petlyura's gov't, Cossack hosts, Mahkno's Black armies, the fleeing Whites and Entente groups before fleeing to Turkey as it enters its revolution.

What a little coincidence.

I wish there were a Bezos Republic.


File: 1605942858073.mp4 (3.85 MB, golliwogg history.mp4)  

Is there a way to teach Americans that knowing world history is actually just a normal, functioning adult thing to do? And that afgan-tier populist hysterics about racial politics is not, not even banning blackface or any of the other brownskin decrees that are the norm in the U.S.

Just even suggest any alternative to being a morose consumerist at the whims of publishers. That way all the autistic brain power might focus on drawing from real history instead of crying that authors wrote things wrong in their latest installment of made up shit, and now it's canon.

File: 1605757950377.png (185.69 KB, 400x349, 1556397115216.png)  


I want to let Bezos know that I think I am finally becoming acclimated to my job, and I no longer feel as miserable as I did a few months ago.

That is all.
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Provincial government


File: 1605805027161.jpeg (40.17 KB, 500x362, 13614852198958.jpeg)  

I see, you're a cool dude, lol


sounds cool


Thanks, Bezos.

About to present a case to a committee at this very moment (virtually), am browsing on the nichan while I speak on the mic.



File: 1605827528165.jpg (76.03 KB, 1280x1280, 90eyb.jpg)  

>on nichan while working
be careful tho

File: 1602160362444.jpg (90.06 KB, 867x685, ugxxmd3mpex21.jpg)  


Guten Tag, Bezos
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File: 1605537289961.jpg (42.57 KB, 401x606, IMG_20201116_163249_555.jpg)  



For the Parliament?
December 6th
But Guaidó is telling people not to vote, so who knows (a lot of people is leaving him aside but he has still a lot of followers)


Why is he urging people not to vote?


cuz he's silly

in the last presitential elections the opposition tell people not to vote because they did not have a canditate for all the other parties (for having achance against Maduro) but now Guaido ask for that because he gets more money this way


he only think about what is left for him, and the only reason some people supported him was because during the protests no politician did anything against Maduro but him, more or less

File: 1605503668443.jpg (32.59 KB, 452x423, d153b6bb579019313d85b6973c….jpg)  


No Bezos posted over the weekend
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No new people have joined the site for a long time ...

And the old ones slowly loose interest.


Buy I'm glad Amicus-kun is still with us.


Do Bezos just not enjoy talking to non-Ukrainian Bezos?

Well, PUBG is fun, so you are forgiven.

Perhaps it is time for another round of advertising this place. 420chan, u18chan, microchan, etc.

Aww, thanks, Bezos. I like small cozy IBs.


File: 1605558973792.png (86.41 KB, 573x460, 1460378406922.png)  

it's hard to find more people at the start, I invited a fren but never posted


File: 1605559590331.jpg (96.39 KB, 960x1200, IMG_20201114_134422_551.jpg)  

>Do Bezos just not enjoy talking to non-Ukrainian Bezos?
Lol. Maybe, foreign bezos carry the coronavirus, so we are reluctant to communicate with them. Joke.
In fact, it is interesting to communicate with foreigners, but the local bezos is lazy. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to wake him up.

File: 1605294786495-0.jpg (48.81 KB, 550x411, peter-piper-pizza.jpg)  

File: 1605294786495-1.jpg (64.9 KB, 647x800, dfb454a9b599c9bc94528d4a31….jpg)  


Since it's Friday, are Bezos going to be ordering pidzer tonight?

What's your favorite type?

File: 1603311252277.png (52.78 KB, 1656x235, loool.png)  



ukrchan on nichan is bullshit


I know. However, it looks pretty good.




>choosing ukrchan



pity it isn't adopted for nichan but it can be

File: 1604867671175.png (9.43 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)  


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>Maybe you did well and you underestimate yourself
>>1706 (You) (You) (You)
... I don't think so XD
but I had fun ^^


File: 1604877210314.png (14.94 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)  

(this is what I was painting and then deleted before posting :v)


This is the main thing.


Good. And what is this gray in the middle?


it was supposed to be a building :v

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