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File: 1595795690262.jpg (32.91 KB, 555x578, kossu mämmidäd.jpg)  


kossu mämmidad


File: 1595797365060.jpg (17.43 KB, 480x360, quality-avant-garde-finnis….jpg)  



Finnish quality, proven by years of shitposting.


File: 1596048569523.png (32.45 KB, 620x536, 1394835015001.png)  

Open this video on Youtube


Thread for non-Ukrainian speakers - do you understand the English subtitles to this video? Or is it gibberish?


It makes sense, I think.


It's pretty comfy that some nations can be proud of their war history. I shouldn't poke the bear though because finaldo would be lumped with Nutsy the Clown in a nanosecond if anyone gave a shit.

But it's really chilling that Americans are still taught to hate Japan for getting away with atrocities, when that is entirely out of the dark bargain where USA did a "you break it you buy it" maneuver with a hasty nuke and now owns Japan's economy, discreetly behind the scenes. It's some real agitprop shit that American population can't see through their soviet level corrupt government. Imagine being proud of a federation like EU.

Even Texas was annexed in a shitty way by sending American slavers there, and then using it as justification to combine American populations that were then forced to kill each other for that slavery, even though slavery wouldn't have been nearly as common without that. It reminds me exactly of what Russia would gladly do to Ukraine or Finland, but again, only if anyone really gave a shit. Immigrate west a bunch of Russian criminals, then invade countries with "strong russian population", and then kill people in these countries for being criminals.


Too fast for me to follow


Open this video on Youtube
I can understand it only by listening oce tak nespodivanka.

Also, have a look at the original


Yeah, this one is really good.

File: 1594606565183.png (1.81 MB, 845x1080, ClipboardImage.png)  


Haven't checked in for a while.
How's everyone here doing?
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Hello :3


Pryvyit Bezosibny :3


uwu ukrainian


Int is deda.


/int/ is sleep.

File: 1595104629935.gif (909.64 KB, 487x560, b39.gif)  


What foreign languages do you know and how did you learn them?
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Were you born in the US or outside the country?


Born in US, but both parents were Mexikaners.


French. I come from a group of Francophones who are losing our native language to English and I felt like shit about it. I use internet and talk to Québécois fren.


Does the situation with French in Quebec seem to be so bad?


Not at all. French is the casual everyday language in Quebec. I'm not Quebecois though, I'm Acadien.

File: 1595096830830.jpg (2 MB, 4160x3120, 20200718_111723.jpg)  


Guys, my Amicus shirt arrived today and I am so happy.
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What is Amicus? What cartoon is it from?


File: 1595802737801.jpg (198.1 KB, 1265x1280, adastra-build-1.jpg)  

Amicus is the romanceable character from a gay-themed visual novel/dating sim called Adastra.


I don't know how I should feel about this


Amicus is wonderful. And this smile... I adore her:)


File: 1595820394153-0.png (18.75 KB, 157x200, assborgors.png)  

File: 1595820394153-1.png (227.59 KB, 1004x1080, amicus-thinking-n.png)  


But Amicus is male, though.

File: 1595597163722.png (652.96 KB, 483x604, ClipboardImage.png)  


Where is everyone?.. Why is it so quiet here?..
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Serious? Hmm... Well, idk.


File: 1595642937805.png (245.98 KB, 1060x1080, amicus-happy-eyes.png)  

Amicusposter reporting in.


Hello Ukraine friend


Hi there! How did you find us?



File: 1592940141247.jpg (80.58 KB, 1000x1105, 1566792211768.jpg)  


Hello there
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How is living in Khartoum and Al-Gezira?


Isn't there an African imageboard? I thought I had heard about such a thing on the Casey.


I think they were talking of Nairaland which is no imageboard by any stretch.


Aw, that's disappointing to hear. I thought there was a legit African imageboard, in which case I was going to suggest a delegation be sent.


same here.
Most other pakis are on 4/int/ and sometimes 4/pol/, both which are hellholes. There is indiachan but that shit is filled with retarded america lovers (BJP supporters).

File: 1594335255186.png (80.16 KB, 293x339, teeme.png)  


This country has to be one of the worst shitholes in the world

a) One of the hardest countries to get sex. All women are both feminist whores and ultraconservative islamists at the same time. They dress up like whores, flirt with everyone yet don't let anyone touch them.

b)You get jailed and stabbed in prison for false rape accusation. There are no trials, no proof required in order to convict you.

c) Everything thats pleasureable is taxed to death. cigarette prices are 95%+ tax, alcohol is even more expensive than norway, gaming consoles have special taxes for them, phones have over 100% tax, cars have over 400% tax(real. a car that costs 2000€ in germany is sold here for 40000€)

d) High interest rates, horrible inflation (100%, prices double each year) and government fakes statistics

e) 1 million documented, probably 2 million refugees in total. syrian,paki,afghan,iranian,central asian,african all of worlds filth. some of them return to their countries because this place is even worse.

f) One of the worst passaports in the world bar afghanistan etc.

g) Winns take pictures of people who don't give up their seats for elderly in public transport and lynch them.
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Have any ideas?


Me? Well, I'd try to move to a village somewhere near the Carpathians if I could.


Actually that's pretty good idea. I grew up in a small village near Rivne so I know the good sides of living in such places.


High cost of cigarettes or anything for that matter isn't a big deal if you're replacing something with it, which is basics of cost assessment. Smokers just got an idea that whatever they do, they should get to do it while smoking, like anybody who can't handle money does with things they choose to indulge. A movie ticket costs 15 euros here, but smokers don't first earn the money and then ask if they want to see a movie or buy 2 packs.
And the high rates are ultimately because we run a national insurance fraud based on pension savings from a time when overvalued currency was first printed. All rich nations just hand each other money that adds to GDB for nothing, and then makes some shithole grow us tobacco at 15 cents a pack.


Stop adding things to your bro duct, its an exit only hole.

File: 1594922128683.jpg (50.06 KB, 750x728, 1594850961191.jpg)  


can i get a quick rundown on this website?
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File: 1594962041533.jpg (36.17 KB, 901x676, Echo-wallpaper.jpg)  

This place is the HQ of the Crimean government-in-exile.


>Belarus has the white-red-white flag


File: 1595064855367.jpg (168.02 KB, 625x625, ściah.jpg)  

Beatiful indeed. And I hope to see it waving on the roof of my local rajvykankam city hall, ratusz, mis'ka rada etc one day.


File: 1595068141409.png (766.23 KB, 512x1080, ClipboardImage.png)  


ah sweet vytis pahonia

File: 1594337389017.webm (3.98 MB, 288x512, 1567897641886.webm)  


me rat


what the fuck is this


The dream of every Finnish wonan.


me rat


You don't look like rat



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