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File: 1597203982159-0.png (300.74 KB, 489x550, Amicus-pizza (3).png)  

File: 1597203982159-1.jpg (51.62 KB, 409x280, apu-apustaga-3.jpg)  


I wish I could go on a date with Amicus.

File: 1597062396297.png (10.51 KB, 755x708, 1505876877063.png)  


Good chan


good but half dead



Why is it so slow?


I have no clue tbh. Maybe because nobody is interested to make threads on /int/.

File: 1597019489507.png (13.53 KB, 600x800, rossiyan-why-worry-bera.png)  


How come this place doesn't pick up pace at least on the weekends?

I would've thought we'd at least get a "what you playan', watchin', drinkin'" thread, or something of the sort.


It's funny, but this place actually loses activity on weekends. Maybe people spend them outside, like living the life to its fullest? Who knows.


File: 1597075872907.jpg (29.4 KB, 657x527, berfrogs.jpg)  

I know I ain't living life to the fullest


Nobody truly lives in these darkest days.


That feel when Covid19 didn't kill you

Feels sad man

File: 1595002908668.png (728.36 KB, 1200x1200, 52f90bcbc87d4810fbac38bbb4….png)  


https://discord.gg/jsZCWKx only fun TRANNIES tbh


Wtf is this? There are only two guys on the server.


>Fun trannies


Discord is lame. There is https://licky.org.


What are advantages of Licky?

File: 1596617703351-0.png (1012.52 KB, 741x1078, ClipboardImage.png)  

File: 1596617703351-1.png (956.9 KB, 576x695, ClipboardImage.png)  


Podarujcie mi Międzymorze, kocham moich polskich, litewskich, a zwłaszcza białoruskich braci!
Różni nacjonalistyczni głupcy nie powinni nas rozłączać, ponieważ los nas połączył! Historyczne kłótnie również nie powinny nas rozdzielić! Na przykład tragedia Wołyńska jest obopólną zbrodnią i tragedią, z której w żadnym wypadku nie można spekulować ani być dumnym! Poza tym sprowokowana przez Niemców, a potem przez komunistów!

Tylko równość, współpraca i pokój! Za naszą i waszą wolność, bracia!
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Яку країну означає трикутник, поруч із Німеччиною?




Do you really think Baltics give a shit about Ukraine?

Also, population of Latvia is smaller than population of Kharkiv Oblast alone.


File: 1596732927011.png (24.05 KB, 953x229, ClipboardImage.png)  

Who do you think has better chances of defending if rashka crosses borders?

Baltics, of course, because NATO


Why do you hate Romania?

File: 1595594286973.jpg (736.05 KB, 2048x2048, pxc1t32d4sc51.jpg)  


Does anyone know if there are any nudes or sex vids leaks of Sabrina Carpenter?
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Why don't you post some?
I keep seeing this thread everywhere


File: 1595727918058.jpg (47.04 KB, 764x416, 24l87qu93tc51.jpg)  

anyone know if there are any nudes or sex vids leaks of Sabrina Carpenter out there?


Seen this around alot aswell, who even is she? Any relation to John Carpenter the director? Charisma Carpenter the chick from Buffy and Angel? Jennifer Carpenter the hot reporter from Quarantine?


Literally who?



File: 1595004860201.webm (4.77 MB, 1280x720, Saleel al sawarin.webm)  


Is zchan dead for good? I haven't been able to access it since yesterday.

WebM unrelated.
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File: 1595007542447.png (2.93 KB, 242x208, pure-love-kc.png)  

Ukraine is my greatest ally


Then give the people of Z-chan an invitation to Nichan, welcome. Always happy to share the shelter.


zchan is dead and gone by now, its users scattered through all the imageboards.

A good number of zchan users came from 420chan, so maybe try /b/ there?

Besides, 420chan is chill. I just don't want this place blowing up with shitposters from places like Kaycee.


Good to see fellow anons are currently nomads like me discovering other IB's in the hopes of finding /comfy/ places.
Just in case you're out of the loop, zchan is going to have a sucessor soon(tm) some anon named Sturgeon is going to be behind it, i wouldn't get my hopes up though given whats going on. i feel like no one really likes /v/ much due to the overabundance of normalfags that associate with it, Mark, GG madness and overall drama, can't really blame them.
Plenty of good imageboards out there, like this one.
Haven't been to 420 in a year or 2. Thought most users came from 8kun/Julay/Cakechan


File: 1596518837483.png (161.41 KB, 290x452, cara-de-belmez.png)  

Well, I look forward to zchan coming back up, if what you say is true.

It was relatively cozy. Few IBs are cozy anymore.

File: 1596256347910.jpg (5.44 KB, 225x225, index.jpg)  




File: 1596440273499.png (86.2 KB, 340x330, 1572364040.628938-.png)  


how about no

File: 1595638924888.png (67.9 KB, 1920x640, KB_Ukrainian_Unicode_2.1.s….png)  


Do you guys unironically use this fucked up keyboard layout for typing Ukrainian? I have been trying for hours to get used to it but fucking hell having to hold alt+7 for typing "?" is a damn pain in the ass
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>Do you guys unironically use this fucked up keyboard layout for typing Ukrainian?
Ucranium requires high IQ


Finnish keyboard has an extra button between shift and Z, and my Raspberry official keyboard doesn't have it.

This button contains very important symbols that I now can't enter without alt+62.




This is not a Ukrainian keyboard layout. It's some kind of monstrosity that combines what looks like all of Eastern slavic characters on one layout. I never used one.

That's more like a typical Ukrainian layout.


Yeah this is one of those things where no one will agree and find other bezosibny's keyboards very weird and strange to use. I bought a spanish keyboard by mistake the one i had broke and needed something cheap fast to replace it and even though spanish is very similar to my language using their keyboard is a fucking pain, specific keys to my language are missing, some are switched positions and they have those fucking upside down "?" and a dedicated key for "ñ" for some reason, its really awkward.

Oh shit finanon you don't have > and < ? That must be very annoying

File: 1592694953162.png (719 KB, 960x540, 960x0.png)  


Do you play One Angry Lesbian part 2? What do you think of it? Please, no spoilers unless under spoilers.
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Seriously? Playstation only allows one refund per account ever?


AFAIK it's actually no refunds at all, but 1 "courtesy refund" if they "feel like it". You can easily google at least hundreds of cases, but I think it's illegal in EU so might depend on region


>payed internet services
This is the most insane stuff here - assuming you bought PS4 as launch you effectively payed 60x7=$420 for multiplayer


PS3 was the last good Playstation.
I grew up with it,PS1 then 2 and 3 was the last console i bought because it was becoming too expensive and magazines and sites could no longer be trusted on what they considered "good" games.
You can't even just put disk in, grab a controller and sit your fat ass down for some fun time, this was the primary reason why i still played a lot of PS3 even though i had a PC. At this time only thing that bothered me were the installation times and patching, never bought DLC nor had to pay for online.
Sony is no longer a Japanese company, you know what happens next.
PC is cheaper for better performance, it has strategic heavy clicker games which were not possible on PS as well as more action oriented games, Emulation in a few years should allow you to play anything from PS1 and PS2, unfortunately PS3 is far away due to its complex architecture so i've heard.
As someone who played nothing but consoles until his early teens, going from consoles to PC is like going from playing in a sandbox to having a whole beach.

Glorious Bing Translation for Bezosibny frens:
PS3 була останньою гарною PlayStation.
Я виріс з ним, PS1 потім 2 і 3 була останньою консолі я купила, тому що вона стає занадто дорогим і журнали і сайти більше не можуть бути довіреними на те, що вони вважали "Good " Ігри.
Ви навіть не можете просто покласти диск, захопити контролер і сидіти жирну дупу вниз для деякого веселощів час, це була основна причина, чому я до сих пір грали багато PS3, хоча у мене був комп'ютер. У цей час тільки те, що турбувало мене були час установки і склеювання, ніколи не купував DLC ні доводилося платити за Інтернет.
Sony вже не Японська компанія, ви знаєте, що відбувається далі.
PC дешевше для кращої продуктивності, вона має стратегічні важкі Ігри клікер, які не були можливі на PS, а також більш орієнтовані дії Ігри, емуляція протягом декількох років має дозволити вам грати що-небудь з PS1 і PS2, на жаль, PS3 знаходиться далеко через його складної архітектури, так що я чув.
Як людина, яка грала нічого, крім консолей до своїх ранніх підлітків, переходячи від консолей до комп'ютера, як збирається від гри в пісочниці з цілого пляжу.


I am not into games and also why would you spend so much money on a playstation?

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