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File: 1656441524689.png (15.93 KB, 865x760, 36q297h0zkz81.png)  


File: 1656079942174.jpg (855.18 KB, 2528x1928, 220616184604925758.jpg)  


Welcome to [spam] Yes, this imageboard resurrected again.


File: 1656088606303.jpg (623.83 KB, 1059x3733, afp-protesta.jpg)  

те, що відомо як іспачан, припинило своє існування, оскільки деякі венесуельці знищили це місце


Невже розповсюдник руснявих довбойобів помер? Урарарараарар


File: 1656342690843.png (264.65 KB, 1348x636, Безым.png)  

File: 1655724355122.mp4 (6.05 MB, gondola wakacyjna.mp4)  


Open this video on Youtube


It's interesting what is going to happen in Poland if the excitation of hosts of giving help to the people escaping from the war, will fall down.
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File: 1654161268251.png (303.28 KB, 1144x660, 1647953182003.png)  


poles are our frens


Russian dog


Fuck you


Open this video on Youtube
guys send this to all poles who screams about WOLYN

File: 1622722526747.jpg (19.32 KB, 852x480, 1.jpg)  


Would you swallow this mouse males?
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i didnt know u were female haha



File: 1622919456213.jpg (112.46 KB, 1280x720, Saber.jpg)  

I'm used to people assuming that but I'm most certainly male. I do have quite feminine body proportions, a height of 172 cm and a haircut long enough to be confused with a female one. All that said, I'm a heterosexual male and I don't identify myself as anything else. Sorry for being a trap, I guess.


Fuck you


shut your fucking pussy up you fuckin pepik moralfag

File: 1653997045047.png (31.94 KB, 300x155, logo (2).png)  


We're back!
New domains since rulecuck report trolls got the first one.
Main: 8chan.nl
Secondary: 8channel.top
We have board creation and uhhh 8 files per post and uhhhh 100 mb file uploads and uhhhh.


File: 1651297846561.png (67.72 KB, 526x546, pepe-wolf.png)  


I don't post here that often anymore since it feels like I would be disrespectful to the Bezos living through actual hardship in a warzone
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>З усіма таке буває?
Та нема проблем.
Ой, парубку, з цим проксі ти такий briish lad шо аж піздець


Не заважай йому пмсати про pigs dogs


I love to see coping Russians.


man russia withdraws their forces from syria, abkhazia, tajikistan etc

their elite forces were destroyed by us



Literally me, yes

File: 1607034956519.png (291.01 KB, 1080x1080, liberty.png)  


I like Ukraine
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Your country has wonderful artists.


File: 1608252018048.png (381.08 KB, 739x1024, ClipboardImage.png)  

Ukraine months based


File: 1608277960373.jpeg (53.59 KB, 474x625, th.jpeg)  

Dats rite.





fed website

File: 1645875221988.webp (438 B, Flag_of_Ukraine.svg.webp)  


How are you doing there Ukrainians? Among all these Russians invading you n shit?
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you can continue watching rt, cuck, but don't spread any of their bullshit over here.


Ukraine killed dinosaurs.


Killing people is fun and cool so..


File: 1649401279378.png (472.33 KB, 800x800, ClipboardImage.png)  



After the war journalist asks a member of UA territorial defence, who used to be a website developer before the war:

- What did you feel when you killed people?
- What? I never killed people! I only killed moskals!

File: 1645779427156.jpg (107.2 KB, 1280x1213, IMG_20220225_105455_977.jpg)  


Heroes never die.
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Isn't Snake Island an archeological site? I know it used to be a cult site to Achilles and Patroclus that was well-known in the Greek and Roman world, hoping there wasn't any damage to any culturally-sensitive areas


It is also a border facility.


the clown will soon realize politic is no joke


O kurwa, what happened to your flag?


I'm don't kidding, I'm laughing at the enemy

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