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/int/ - It's interesting what is going to happen in Poland if the excitation of hosts of giving help to the people escaping from the war, will fall down.

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It's interesting what is going to happen in Poland if the excitation of hosts of giving help to the people escaping from the war, will fall down.




Not exactly. Polish has weird mentality, the patience may run out and things might get really bad


And what do you think will happen?


maybe not genocide like in 1943, but some social unrest, possible conflict


You can feel the nazi trembling at the thought of his immigrant ass get kicked out


Social unrest because of women and children? Do you really think poles are so pathetic?


haha poo land



Assuming that >>3607 is not trolling, only a person out of touch with reality could make a point so grossly exaggerated.

One of the reasons we feel so involved in aiding you folks is that we've been invaded and occupied ourselves countless times throughout history. Once, we've been partitioned by several foreign powers and ceased to exist as a sovereign nation for over a century. True, it all left us a lot of martyrology and messiah complex (sometimes we behave like idiots because of this) but I guess it also made us relate to your struggle so much.

I admit people will be people, hospitality gets tiresome in the long run everywhere, but you bet we won't get "tired" of it as long as the war rages on, the entire World is watching, and we hear all those tragic news on daily basis.

>maybe not genocide like in 1943

Sorry to say this, but again, you must be really out of touch with reality if you're expecting anything even remotely COMPARABLE to "genocide".

Unless you live in, I dunno, some remote town somewhere in Lower Silesia, you should've been aware we've had a sizeable Ukrainian diaspora for (at least) over a decade now, and apart from the few occasional cries of "Muh immigrants stealing jobs" and "Muh Wołyń" (which does not even APPROACH your "social unrest") it was always well integrated. There was hardly any conflict at all, as far as I'm concerned.

Some refugees I spoke to said they're planning to return home as soon as the war ends. Allegedly a lot of people already did so, despite the danger. It's not like they went here on a vacation, you know. Our own Sybiraks didn't go East for "winter holidays" either.


I would really like to thank Poland for what you are doing for us. Sorry for the inconvenience this situation creates for you. Our people will not forget your help in difficult times.

Our refugees will return home after our victory, I am sure of that. Well, you will celebrate with us this victory with a parade on Red Square in Moscow (unless it is destroyed by a nuclear strike, lol).


File: 1654161268251.png (303.28 KB, 1144x660, 1647953182003.png)  


poles are our frens


Russian dog


Fuck you


Open this video on Youtube
guys send this to all poles who screams about WOLYN


I'm late to the thread, but thank you for this post.


File: 1660964560815.gif (153.66 KB, 329x400, f.gif)  


No, Poles, don't do it, don't help Ukraine.

Please just occupy Galicia, so I become under protection of NATO overnight.


З'їбись на парашу, галичєнин.


Не галичєнин, я сюди переїхав, бо не такий дурний як ти і передбачав, що паРаша нападе.


зїбись з моєї Галичини, мавпо їбана


я вважав, що такий сценарій можливий, але не думав, що русня настільки їбанута. за це каюся.


Галичина - не для галичан.

Галичани - це еволюційна гілка челяді, генетична обслуга. Спершу для поляків і австріяків, котрі тут господарювали століттями, а тепер для нащадків козаків і гордовитого біосміття, завезеного Сталіним, котрі господарюють тут тепер.

Тож не варнякай зі своєї землянки, а привези мені мача-лате, рагулику. І хутчій, а то чайових не дам.


this was made by a Russian because they think war crimes are something to be proud of


Please occupy Galicia faster. I'm waiting.


Based. I can't wait for galicians to wash other people's toilets at home.


I also moved to Galicia and now have genetic slaves Galicians washing my toilet.

That doesn't change the truth that this piece of land would be better administrated by Europeans and not USSRanians.