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/int/ - Margarine how common is this in Ukraine? Do people there only use butter? or is margarine more popular?

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how common is this in Ukraine?
Do people there only use butter? or is margarine more popular?


A lot of people here in USAland still use margarine.

I don't use it personally, as I prefer butter. It's growing in popularity, and increasingly, people are ditching margarine.

Can't speak for Ukraine, though.


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>>2270 I even do not know what it is. So people just use butter here but not only. For example I also use cheese spread (pic. 2).

If speak about something semi-liquid like butter + bread, so there are combination where not all are daily but known for all: mustard, varenya or povydlo (there are like jam), honey, nuttelo, some souse or even mayonnaise.


It is sold in almost every supermarket. But I didn't taste it ever since the dark times of mid-ninetieth.

Not sure how popular it is, none of the people I know buys it.


so it was more popular before but now not that much? I though margarine was more popular in America :R interesting

>cheese spread
wut :DD I didn't know it was a thing

I see

It seems it's more popular only in South America
and it makes no sense, because butter tastes better indeed
I guess it's just because it's cheaper


>wut :DD I didn't know it was a thing
We also have tubes of cheese. Like tube of toothpaste, but with cheese instead, also for spreading. I loved it at some point, ate sandwitches with it almost every day, but then I kind of got bored of it.


Same in Belarus. You can see margarine in every supermarket, but nobody I know buys it.
It's widely used for industrial production of cookies, bakery and so on. Maybe some use margarine for home-made cookies, IDK. I think it's for very poor or very greedy people. Others eat butter.


I live in a village, have several cows and eat homemade processed cheese, cream and butter. I sometimes use margarine for baking, because homemade butter is very fatty.


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At one point (late 90s/early 2000s), you couldn't even find real butter in American supermarkets. You had to go to specialty stores or farmer's markets because big-box stores only carried margarine.

That's changed now.