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Let's chill out a little.



Yes, let's do it.





Movin' on.




Video unavailable.


Is it? I wonder why so. Maybe that's because the video is automatically generated for YT Music, I don't really know the cause.





There are only two of us, aren't we? What a pity.


There is no one else here except you, anon


That's scary, because nobody will hear my cry of despair here.


I am here for you, anon.


Oh, that's a relief, thank you.





shit how do I do embeds on this site?


There is!
I see you're well into rominimal.


Under the writing field select YouTube and paste a link there.


Yeah, a little.


File: 1592687003661.jpg (47.53 KB, 1080x222, 20200621_000253.jpg)  


Do you attend parties? You are lucky to have a lively scene in Kyiv.


ah ok thanks :)


What parties? I rarely go outside my house, haha. But yeah, it would be a great idea to attend some minimal techno party once.


Oh, by the way, I saw Sepp at Boiler Room in Bucharest last year.


Do you visit techno parties often, don't you?




I've been to quite a few, yes.


By the way, I wanted to meet Aphex Twin once :D



What are your favourite releases by him? I love AFX, SAW II, Drukqs, The Tuss, Polygon Window, Bradley Strider.


Richard D. James Album, Druqks and SAW 85-92.


Don't you like the Analord series?


Analord 8 and 11 are awesome. But I haven't heard other Analords, to be honest... Well, I have to listen to them then.


Get to them as soon as possible!


By the way, despite it's Nichan techno party, I'd like to pin a link to my City Pop thread on /b/, maybe someone here is interested in it too.


Sorry, the link is >>>/b/22359








Das Bümp.












Let's turn to French House.


Damn, this is great! Moar!


Lone man on a farmstead narrates a letter he writes to his lover, describing how he built a dakimakura from hay and turnips and fell asleep.
Then we shift to present tense where he wakes up and the broken dakimakura dances on the roof, there's noise everywhere, and nature sprouts blades and fangs.

Your essential drunken night terrors experience.


Das ist ein Bümp.


I like it


Posting to add some musical variety.



Some nice klezmer


Oy vey!


Klezmer is like a mixture of jazz, ska and balkan or gypsy street music for me.



File: 1595953868073.jpg (132.03 KB, 1265x905, Screenshot_20200728_193024.jpg)  




Oh thanks m8


Always happy to help, bro.




I've recently found this nice chillwave\synthwave mix, try to listen to it, bez:


how do i put youtub e links?


Select --> Embed





Here's one more mix, but with eurobeat.


If you like tropical Afro-Carib beats:




Боже ! ~







File: 1601803482405-0.jpg (103.03 KB, 1048x588, Screenshot_20201004_121421.jpg)  

File: 1601803482405-1.jpg (91.99 KB, 1080x569, Screenshot_20201004_121441.jpg)  

PewDiePie: socks



Há tempos tive um sonho
Não me lembro, não me lembro ♫



Fug, no flag.







The Lonely Island is epic.







Dumping some stuff.





This song makes me incredibly nostalgic.




Based pick


File: 1604933521583.png (957.74 KB, 870x546, tt.png)  

>venezuelan flag
:v we never qualify but we are always there
(I've seen it in every World cup)


Venezuelans come with their own flag to other people's matches?


in the world cup? yes :v
(tbh I've seen many flags from countries that did not qualified in world cup matches) they usually have the shirt of one team but the venezuelan flag
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (nonsensical, I know)


It seems that everyone is rooting for Venezuela, lol.


The best that the Poles did




nice shit


shit shit


nice nice


fucking zapadenci, masturbate on everything polish.


I'm not zahidnyak, lol


That's even hirshe








tfw now I'm 23



Congratulations, bro



File: 1609247697919.png (7.73 KB, 426x384, ClipboardImage.png)  


File: 1609250263525.png (2.93 KB, 242x208, love.png)  

Thank you


I recently discovered a Canadian singer Powfu. Very good, imho.



Recently, he became interested in english covers. I especially like the cover of Caleb Hyles, NateWantsToBattle and Cristina Vee.















"I will use military power responsibly and only as a last resort"

~Joe Biden