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Let's chill out a little.



Yes, let's do it.





Movin' on.




Video unavailable.


Is it? I wonder why so. Maybe that's because the video is automatically generated for YT Music, I don't really know the cause.





There are only two of us, aren't we? What a pity.


There is no one else here except you, anon


That's scary, because nobody will hear my cry of despair here.


I am here for you, anon.


Oh, that's a relief, thank you.





shit how do I do embeds on this site?


There is!
I see you're well into rominimal.


Under the writing field select YouTube and paste a link there.


Yeah, a little.


File: 1592687003661.jpg (47.53 KB, 1080x222, 20200621_000253.jpg)  


Do you attend parties? You are lucky to have a lively scene in Kyiv.


ah ok thanks :)


What parties? I rarely go outside my house, haha. But yeah, it would be a great idea to attend some minimal techno party once.


Oh, by the way, I saw Sepp at Boiler Room in Bucharest last year.


Do you visit techno parties often, don't you?




I've been to quite a few, yes.


By the way, I wanted to meet Aphex Twin once :D



What are your favourite releases by him? I love AFX, SAW II, Drukqs, The Tuss, Polygon Window, Bradley Strider.


Richard D. James Album, Druqks and SAW 85-92.


Don't you like the Analord series?


Analord 8 and 11 are awesome. But I haven't heard other Analords, to be honest... Well, I have to listen to them then.


Get to them as soon as possible!


By the way, despite it's Nichan techno party, I'd like to pin a link to my City Pop thread on /b/, maybe someone here is interested in it too.


Sorry, the link is >>>/b/22359








Das Bümp.