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/int/ - Where is everyone?.. Why is it so quiet here?..

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Where is everyone?.. Why is it so quiet here?..






what's up


I'm just bored, heh.


Are you guys fans of Stalker? It's a Ukrainian game if im right.


I'm hardly a fan, but I've played the whole trilogy a few times. Then I got scared of bloodsuckers and stopped playing.


Nah. It's no bad game, but quite boring


You must be a newbie here, yeah?


It is on this board - yes.


I see. Well, I wouldn't say /int/ is uninhabited, but there aren't many threads/posts. We could have some serious discussions here yeah, yeah, kaysee tire, but...


Serious? Hmm... Well, idk.


File: 1595642937805.png (245.98 KB, 1060x1080, amicus-happy-eyes.png)  

Amicusposter reporting in.


Hello Ukraine friend


Hi there! How did you find us?