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Has /int/ been reading anything interesting recently?


Well, now I reading "Monday starts on Saturday", some American bezos recommended me this book.


*I'm reading


I read books mainly on historical topics, especially about the war for independence of Ukraine in 1917-1921.
I can't even count how many times I reread "Kholodny Yar" by Yuri Gorlis-Gorsky.
The novel describes one of the brightest pages of the war for independence of Ukraine. This is a living example of how small in number but indomitable in spirit can successfully fight an incomparably stronger enemy.

After Soviet Russia captured Ukraine, there was a "Kholodnoyar's Republic", over the Dnieper, which was under the Ukrainian national yellow-blue flag of the Ukrainian People's Republic and the black flag of Kholodny Yar, which read: "Ukraine's will — or death!" waged a fierce armed struggle for the Ukrainian state until 1922.

The best book I have ever read.


>I can't even count how many times I reread "Kholodny Yar" by Yuri Gorlis-Gorsky.

At last I truly understand.


>Has /int/ been reading anything interesting recently?
Are you interested in modern titles?


Sure, I've read modern stuff that I liked.


What do you think of audiobooks?


They've never really gotten my attention, so I've never really listened to one. Have you? Would you recommend?

Also, when do you usually listen to an audiobook? Like, are you driving, or lurking, or working, or just sitting/lying down?


File: 1594511858260.png (584.89 KB, 846x476, gemsofwar.png)  

I listen to audiobooks when playing games that do not require much concentration. When working physically I re-listen to some books I have already read/listened to.

Now I am exploring classical fantasy books that I have not read before. For example:

There are a lot of them on YouTube.


How do you like it so far? Would you recommend?


File: 1594524402770.jpg (488.19 KB, 900x600, Usonian-interior-design.jpg)  


Interesting that you mention you want to explore classic fantasy books. I recently wanted to get into Michael Moorcock's multiverse/Eternal Champion mythos, so I purchased one of his books that some posters on another IB told me is a good beginner's step.


>Michael Moorcock
I once began to listen to his saga about Elric of Melnibone. But then stopped: the audiobook was in Russian, and I try to combine listening to audiobooks with learning languages. I already know Russian well enough. I may return to it later.


Do you guys have any recommendation for books on Ukrainian history? They can be in Ukrainian


Do you speak Ukrainian? What's your story?


I kinda speak Ukrainian, I still have a lot to learn, and because there are so few materials to learn it so I mostly just learn it by browsing some Ukrainians imageboards like here, uchan or kropyvach and reading news. Recently I wanted to try to go a step further and try to read a book to increase my vocabulary and learn more expressions.

Well my story with Ukrainian is not very interesting. I live in a small rural city here in Brazil, very far from Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, but surprisingly there is a decent size Ukrainian diaspora here, about 20 Ukrainians I'd say. I always was a language enthusiast so I really got closer to them and I really started to love Ukraine, the food(I fucking love syrnyky bloody hell), the culture and the history. So since last year I have been studying it


Syrnyky are indeed great. Did you cook them yourself?


Tried once, they were good, but a Ukrainian mother here made ones way better than mines


Oh shit, I feel ashamed that I don't know any good books on Ukrainian history. Ever since I graduated school I didn't touch the subject.


Hrushevsky "The history of Rus-Ukraine"


Tried to find the pdf for it but I couldn't find it anywhere, so I downloaded "The Gates of Europe: A history of Ukraine" Seems like a good book


Let us know what you think after you read it.


De onde tu é?


K da Bahia e tu?
isso e bem inesperado sendo sincero mas bem foda, como tu descobriu esse chan?