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/int/ - Does this board like unsolved cases/mysterious disappearances/dead-end murders, and anomalous phenomena?

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Does this board like unsolved cases/mysterious disappearances/dead-end murders, and anomalous phenomena?


Nothing like that was ever mentioned here, at least from what I can recall. Do you know some of such mystery?


File: 1593446377746.jpg (13.17 KB, 250x165, somosierra-1.jpg)  

I got some. Let's start with a personal favorite of mine.

The Somosierra Case (1986), part I:
>Andres Gomez - a truck driver who made his living delivering corrosive compounds to Madrid - had on this particular day brought his family along for the ride
>his wife and their son, Juan Gomez, had never been to Madrid before, and as his delivery was in that part of Spain, he decided to bring them along with him
>the truck refueled near the town of Cieza, Murcia; witnesses described them as a normal-looking happy family
>they were last seen together at 5:30 am, at an inn, where witnesses once again described the family as pleasant and normal
>sometime later, witnesses on the road to Madrid reported seeing a truck (later identified as the truck Gomez was driving) accelerating to speeds of over 140 km/h, stopping suddenly before speeding off again at high speeds
>it wasn’t long before the police received a call that a major accident had occurred
>the Gomez' truck had collided with another car and overturned in a ditch, resulting in large quantities of sulfuric acid leaking out
>authorities rushed to the scene to contain the environmental damage
>the bodies of the 2 adults - while badly burned by acid - were found, still identifiable
>no other bodies were found, and no one knew that the boy existed until the child's grandparents asked the authorities for the condition of the child upon being told the parents were dead
>the authorities scoured the site extensively, but found no trace of the boy
>the only indication of his existence and presence on the truck was a lone shoe that was reportedly his size and style, along with a tape containing children's songs
>while it was thought his body had been completely dissolved by acid, forensic authorities pointed out that fluids, bones, and other biological materials would have remained
>others pointed to the fact that the bodies of the parents were in relatively 'good' (i.e. identifiable) condition as a way to argue that the child's body should have been found, despite the acid (which did not enter the cabin in significant amounts due to the sloping nature of the crash site, meaning most of the acid was directed towards a ravine
>two witnesses - local shepherds - later came forward the next day, claiming that a white van had stopped at the accident scene, and that two people had come out.
>the people were said to be very tall and pale, with white robes; they walked over to the crashed truck and retrieved a large "lump", which they took into their van before speeding off
>despite investigation, the child was never heard from again, and was declared legally dead a few years later, despite the protests of his grandparents
>some investigators even doubted the child had ever been on the truck to begin with, and it was never proven that he was (the words of the grandparents and testimonies of a few waiters/gas station attendants are the only solid indication the child was present in the vehicle
>the case remains unsolved, the fate of the child remains unknown

The claims from the two shepherds unfortunately attracted a bunch of paranormal/supernatural enthusiasts who only derailed the investigation. Some Spaniard on /int/ recently informed me that, apparently, a "blanket" containing heroin residue was found by authorities inside a secret compartment inside the tank containing the sulfuric acid, 1 year after the disappearance.


File: 1593446792092.jpg (99.01 KB, 330x465, В.М.Чорновіл_на_шахті_ім._….jpg)  

Who killed Chornovil?


File: 1593447071732.jpg (69.89 KB, 960x458, asha-degree.jpg)  

Asha Degree's disappearance:
>on the morning of Feb. 15, 2000, the parents of Asha Degree (9), found that she was not in her room, nor anywhere in the house to be found
>Asha Degree shared a room with her brother; however, he did not have any recollection of what happened that night that could give a lead to his sister's fate - he only recalled both him and her had gone to bed at around the same time
>she was last seen by her parents at 2:30 at night, claiming they had seen her asleep before going to bed themselves
>witnesses reported seeing a girl matching Asha Degree's description walking alone on the highway at around 4 in the morning
>3 days later, the girl's hair bow and some of her school supplies were found about 1 mile away from her home
>there were no more clues until a year and a half later, when her book bag (containing books and other items of hers that were not disclosed) was discovered in a toolshed miles in the opposite direction where her previous belongings had been found - wrapped in plastic - about 26 miles away from her home
>also found were a pair of men's khaki pants and the skeletal remains of an animal: they were taken away fro forensic analysis, although the results were never revealed (perhaps nothing notable or relevant?)
>the authorities were never able to establish a list of suspects, and the case was never solved; Asha Degree was never found, but is presumed dead

This case has had a bunch of really odd developments. In 2018, the police disclosed some of the contents that had been found in her bag: a Dr. Seuss book, and a New Kids on the Block shirt(size not revealed). The police claimed information about these items is "crucial" to the case, and appealed for any public information regarding them.

This is only a Reddit rumor, but I recall seeing someone state that the toolshed where she was found had previously been at a once-popular swim-hole (that had dried up a long time ago). I just thought it was odd that the Seuss book found in her backpack was named 'McElligots' Pool'.


Who ordered the murder of Gongadze?


Fucking Kutchma.


File: 1608010750507.jpg (2.29 MB, 4592x3064, woods.jpg)  

Post interesting unsolved crimes from your cunts, Bezosibnys. Or at least ones you know about.


I was asking but I found close to nothing
but I remeber the "Caso Colmenares"
A guy was in a Halloween party 2011, the last thing his friends remember was him running away towards a park and falling into the channel
but he was found dead with severe injures, as if he was beaten to death. a lot of suspects but nothing sure
it was in Bogota