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/int/ - Do you play One Angry Lesbian part 2? What do you think of it? Please, no spoilers [spoiler]unless under spoilers[/spoiler].

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Do you play One Angry Lesbian part 2? What do you think of it? Please, no spoilers unless under spoilers.


hell no. playstations are for fags.


Consoles are garbage PCs, no reason to waste money on them, and this shit is 3/10 SJW disaster, so yeah, no way second part is new garbage characters pretending to be males in shitty ass revenge plot


I didn't finish it yet, but I have to strongly disagree on >>398 your part.

All the SJW bullshit starts at minute 1 and pretty much ends completely at minute 20. Everything after that point is just a normal game, kind of like the first one (well, except for Elly remains a lesbian, but what did you expect).

Its like the screenwriters knew that SJW-police won't play or even watch the game past 20 minutes.

Even that supposed main antagonist, an extremely male-looking female is not gay, she's just very tough and made unpleasant to look probably so later it will be a SHOCK that she is actually a good guy at the end, but again, i didn't finish the game yet.

And the parts where you play guitarr is actually amazing. I expect a ton of videos where people play cool songs on TLOU2 guitarr.


But what isn't?


Playstation is the way forward for gaming. No matter how more powerful the PC is, Sony really pushes the experience forward ever since playstation 3. And even before that, PS1 and PS2 had like a metric ton of great games each. You won't see Microsoft pushing gaming for Windows that hard and you can't expect individual developers to do that for them.


File: 1592703571724.jpg (47.71 KB, 720x483, dce.jpg)  

>SJW bullshit starts at minute 1 and pretty much ends completely at minute 20
>I didn't it finish
That's the problem with your reaction, ending is pure old style garbage with reverse gendering for no reason

>an extremely male-looking female is not gay

Unrealistically alpha-male female for no reason is SJW bullshit and I wouldn't call her type unpleasant.

>And the parts where you play guitarr is actually amazing

For people that never used audio redactor - maybe, but it's just cheap inconvenient gimmick. It's like SSD on next gen - it's being out for ages, but they will still fuck it up, I smell it.

Eh, console peasants will never learn how shitty is their experience, but hey, hyping non-existent product with the only confirmed hardware is some cheap low-end variation of 3700x with bad cooling even after imitating PC towers, no price tag, payed internet services, expensive games, no use outside gaming and 2 playable exclusives per gen is so sad that I can't be angry. Yeah, this time more powerful PC will be more expensive with less games and consoles will stop picking up low settings crumbs from PC games like gold, just like in 9000 BC and I can't wait to play GTA V again with almost PC graphics and this time I might even survive before loading ends.


Barely forgot. 1 refund per account. Sometimes I can't believe how stupid console players to finance this garbage, but hey! iTs ChEaP gAmInG oN cOuCh


> You won't see Microsoft pushing gaming for Windows that hard and you can't expect individual developers to do that for them
Ever heard of Steam?


Seriously? Playstation only allows one refund per account ever?


AFAIK it's actually no refunds at all, but 1 "courtesy refund" if they "feel like it". You can easily google at least hundreds of cases, but I think it's illegal in EU so might depend on region


>payed internet services
This is the most insane stuff here - assuming you bought PS4 as launch you effectively payed 60x7=$420 for multiplayer


PS3 was the last good Playstation.
I grew up with it,PS1 then 2 and 3 was the last console i bought because it was becoming too expensive and magazines and sites could no longer be trusted on what they considered "good" games.
You can't even just put disk in, grab a controller and sit your fat ass down for some fun time, this was the primary reason why i still played a lot of PS3 even though i had a PC. At this time only thing that bothered me were the installation times and patching, never bought DLC nor had to pay for online.
Sony is no longer a Japanese company, you know what happens next.
PC is cheaper for better performance, it has strategic heavy clicker games which were not possible on PS as well as more action oriented games, Emulation in a few years should allow you to play anything from PS1 and PS2, unfortunately PS3 is far away due to its complex architecture so i've heard.
As someone who played nothing but consoles until his early teens, going from consoles to PC is like going from playing in a sandbox to having a whole beach.

Glorious Bing Translation for Bezosibny frens:
PS3 була останньою гарною PlayStation.
Я виріс з ним, PS1 потім 2 і 3 була останньою консолі я купила, тому що вона стає занадто дорогим і журнали і сайти більше не можуть бути довіреними на те, що вони вважали "Good " Ігри.
Ви навіть не можете просто покласти диск, захопити контролер і сидіти жирну дупу вниз для деякого веселощів час, це була основна причина, чому я до сих пір грали багато PS3, хоча у мене був комп'ютер. У цей час тільки те, що турбувало мене були час установки і склеювання, ніколи не купував DLC ні доводилося платити за Інтернет.
Sony вже не Японська компанія, ви знаєте, що відбувається далі.
PC дешевше для кращої продуктивності, вона має стратегічні важкі Ігри клікер, які не були можливі на PS, а також більш орієнтовані дії Ігри, емуляція протягом декількох років має дозволити вам грати що-небудь з PS1 і PS2, на жаль, PS3 знаходиться далеко через його складної архітектури, так що я чув.
Як людина, яка грала нічого, крім консолей до своїх ранніх підлітків, переходячи від консолей до комп'ютера, як збирається від гри в пісочниці з цілого пляжу.


I am not into games and also why would you spend so much money on a playstation?