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This is what fulfills my emotional needs, r8


(0 _0 )


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I want this dakimakura <3


7th president of Ukraine


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Sukablyad. I need a girlfriend to satisfy my emotional needs. It make me so mad when stupid bastards have pretty girls, but at the age of 17 I am still a virgin unkissed (srsly) moron.

Everyday I feel fucking butthurt, and everyday I want to commit suicide in order to i don't have to see that

One year ago I've fallen in love to girl from my class. Five months I couldn't confess to her. But later...

I dared and was refused, cuz she have a boyfriend. Two months later she'll falls in love in my classmate, and they became couple in love.

I don't know, why i writing this, but i don't care


File: 1637464872694.png (148.58 KB, 512x512, 21.png)  

I'm sorry, Bezos. I hope you can find someone who can relieve what you are feeling; also, know that you can always talk to us about how you are feeling, no matter how weird or trivial it may seem.