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Hello I'm learning Ukrainian
That's it


Strange pic to post with this message but good luck and have a great day!


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>boca juniors logo
You are from Brazil or that's picrandom?


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Consider moving to Ukraine for maximum immersion.


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Extremely based. One thing I love about the Ukrainian language is that it uses all Slavic month names.


Moscow kingdom always had inferiority complex and wanted to have an image of an "european country" at least in some aspects. Not to mention, some of the russian tsars were actually Germans.

That is why they renamed their kingdom into "Russian empire" (also the name is stolen from the ancient kingdom of Rus, because Rus was the biggest ally of Byzantine Empire and Peter wanted Moscovy to be the "third Rome".).


I've recently thought of learning Ukrainian. When I tried to in the past, there were some unique flaws in the Ukrainian Duolingo course that turned me off. Nowadays I just learn Polish.


>Moscow kingdom
Tsardom тоді вже. Які вбіса королі в москалів?