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/int/ - >asked for a raise at work >get told "no" How has your week been, Bezos?

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>asked for a raise at work
>get told "no"

How has your week been, Bezos?


That's rough.

I turned in my papers for enrolling in a uni and I easily pass for a state-funded seat. Aside from that, my parents and sister are on a trip in the mountains, while I'm having a blast playing games all night. Also, I've received a premium from our city council for scoring 200 out of 200 on an English test that was a part of state-wide final school exams. So yeah, I definitely had a blast this week.


>200 out of 200
nice, hope that helps you
when I was in uni I was 1st in a French contest with only 3 errors
that helped me to get a good job offer. it was 1 month ago... but I fucked it up for not knowing how to write a fucking letter and not asking


I missed the chance to get into trade school for not going there frequently to ask
now I have to wait 4 months

this morning I wanted to watch Chile in men's artistic gymnastics but it was 1am so I went to sleep and now I can't find him :((


File: 1627148253476.png (1.25 MB, 982x709, ClipboardImage.png)  

Back in 5th grade(in Ukraine most schools have 11(since 2020, 12) grades and high school isn't separated from junior and middle one) when we just started learning a second foreign language, I was very into learning French. I even had the best grades in our class. Then I gradually started losing interest as I understood that our learning programme(that was an especially stark contrast given our superior English programme that was the best in the town) was meh to say the least. Then a girl that lived for a few years in France transfered in. She wasn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed but when it came to French, she effortlessly got the best grades and even got third place in the state-wide French Olympiad. This got me really demoralised and I kinda stopped trying to improve my French at all. Now I still can understand ~65% percent of the /francofil/ thread on 4chan's /int/ and somewhat communicate in French(well, at least say "Parlez-vous anglais? Mon français est mauvais." or decipher their response if they say "Non" but my proficiency barely increased since 2017.

Really good on you that you actually gone through with decently learning French. Do you have a DELF level btw? I wouldn't dare trying to get one, given my mediocre lnowledge but you could certainly use it.

>how to write a fucking letter

Extremely relatable. I was about to get a heart attack when I checked my letter sheet for the aforementioned test. I was really sure that I'd make a dumb mistake that'd cost me the perfect score as I didn't have one for 80% of my English works in school in the last semester despite clearly being the most proficient student in my class.

>now I have to wait 4 months

Sounds painful, my condolences.

Pic unrelated.


>Do you have a DELF level
no, I haven't taken the test
anyway I don't need it, at least for now

>pic unrelated

hmmm too suspicious
are you joining the army soon perhaps?


nah, it really is unrelated. Wanted to use some anime grill with some kind of Ukrainian symbolics but saw this hat on a chair nearby and decided to snap and attach it to the post. I have it since the "Fatherland defence" classes started in my school, that are a school matter here that is essentialy a pre-mobilisation military training. It doesn't feature anything extensive but you get to wear gasmasks, military uniform, disassemble and reassemble rifles and pistols and an extremely barebones explanation on how things are organised in the military. Also you get to shoot pneumatic rifles quite a lot and legit firearms few times. I liked it and somehow got perfect score for it in my graduation certificate.

>joining the army

Would like to do that but my eyesight is kinda bad so no. Not "Unfit for service" level bad(though that's according to the recruitment centre, as I actually have -3 on both eyes. They just said "You'll be serving wearing glasses. Not in the spec-ops and paratrooper corps though" and stamped me fit) but bad enough to be unable to shoot even approximately precisely without glasses. If I somehow get outed from the uni or am not able to enroll in it with state funding, I'm getting mobilised.

The more subtle message of the picture is "I was kinda stupid". You see, here you either are smart or rich enough to get enrolled in a uni or you're going to get mobilised into the army. So getting mobilised unwillingly is seen as a sign of stupidity.


File: 1627161646872.jpg (1.62 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20210724_230844.jpg)  

Today ended the third week of my work in Odessa. I work in construction and I do mostly small work. Six days a week, eight hours a day. Sunday is a day off.

In my free time I visit the volleyball court. It should be added that I came to Odessa specially for volleyball. Thanks to work I have housing (I live at work). I usually go home to my parents on the weekends, but this week I was invited to a volleyball tournament and decided to stay in town. I plan to work for four weeks (3/4 already), earn 12,000 hryvnias and ... I'm thinking about staying here (or not) in August.


I'd also like to practice sports before getting too rusty
>If I somehow get outed from the uni or am not able to enroll in it with state funding, I'm getting mobilised
>Fatherland defence" classes
we have "Pre-Militar Instruction" the last 2 years of highschool
but years ago they stopped the guns lessons (I heard some religious groups complained about it, even if nobody had to shoot, just know its parts),
so it's mostly about military discipline now
Fatherland defence sounds more interesting


Good job Bezos, sounds cozy.

Aw, that sucks, and I can see why it'd be demotivating. I can relate to putting things off.

>I live at work

Do your co-workers know?


Good of you to ask, too many people are afraid to ask for a raise.

I got fired from my sorta-job for nonsense reasons.


Kinda sad to hear. Do you have a backup plan or are you clueless about what to do now?


No. Back to being jobless.


What a pain. I'm not well informed on jobs in Canada and on how do you get one so I won't advice you anything but I hope you sort things out.


All fields of employment are highly competitive and employers are nepotistic - preferring to hire those of the same ethnicity. You'll notice if you go into any store or restaurant that the staff is, strangely, made up of only one immigrant ethnicity.

At a recent interview, an employer asked if I had Filipino or Spanish ancestry.


Lmao, that's fucking hilarious. Do you have a Ukrainian-only cafe in your town?

Aside from that, did you finish a uni? I assume it's harder to push that kind of bullshit when recruiting for specialised jobs.


Oh, I'm not Ukrainian. I'm an Acadian (French from east coast) living in Alberta.

I did not finish uni. I went to post-secondary and dropped out a week before graduation. It was a private school so I am in debt and I assume I can't take out another student loan.


There are Ukrainian/Slavic style restaurants around here but they don't seem so nepotistic. I've seen them staffed by Chinese people and Filipinos.


>Oh, I'm not Ukrainian
Oh, I didn't assume that, just thought that it'd be funny if there weas a cafe out there where they'd hire me for my ethnicity only.

>dropped out a week before graduation

Oh man, that's rough. I've just enrolled in a uni for a state-funded seat and remembering that in other countries there are no university with state funding at all and that everybody has to take student loans is kind of surreal. Did they teach you good for the while that you studied there though?


It wasn't something I wanted to do for myself but rather something I was pressured into by parental figures. Even though I did well in tests, I hated it. We had to do a graded internship as part of the course and it was essentially traumatic for me. I will never want to work in healthcare.