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File: 1625191603757.jpg (394.72 KB, 1800x1200, domsvin.jpg)  


What kind of Khokhols are degenerates, it's just fucked up


'ate bri'ish
'ey huv no teeth
'ate russoids
'ey ain't human

luv Ukraine

simple as

Also, you're a retard.


🐷khokhol, plz


Just a random kazapian guy with VPN,plz


File: 1625211607924.jpg (77.01 KB, 600x596, IMG_20210702_103405_228.jpg)  

Pidorashka's asshole detonate?


Yo man, that isn't cool you know? It's even weird. Please, can ya tell me, why do you use dark stuff like this pic?


Oh, another troll from kropivach came here to feel that he's great and funy in trolling and can make anybody become butt and hearthurted? Well done, nolifer, yo really do your best!


File: 1625233423361.jpg (2.34 MB, 4386x3331, evil_put-in.jpg)  

they are not there


File: 1625235505592-0.jpg (108.49 KB, 604x453, 1619180028652-1.jpg)  

File: 1625235505592-1.jpg (69.94 KB, 604x453, 1619180028652-0.jpg)  

File: 1625235505592-2.jpg (195.44 KB, 720x960, 1619445478833-0.jpg)  

File: 1625235505592-3.jpg (89.66 KB, 514x960, 1619445478833-2.jpg)  


File: 1625239462768.png (289.41 KB, 702x597, .png)  


Nah, man. We can't help you with that trouble. It isn't a gay bord like bord you like, and where you came from. But your ass is really destroyed, so you need to talk whith your doctor as immediate ass you can. Good luck.



Is this some Russian IB?


Ukrainian one, actually. Nevertheless, they don't see eye to eye with Nichan.


File: 1626150443279.jpg (670.38 KB, 1519x1000, Amicus-by-Breezer.jpg)  

Do they have an /int/? Are they welcoming of non-Ukrainians?

Also, why don't they see eye-to-eye with nichan? I'm guessing their board culture is less friendly and edgier?


>Do they have an /int/
>Are they welcoming of non-Ukrainians
i don't think so
>Also, why don't they see eye-to-eye with nichan?
long story short: both sides guilty in it
>I'm guessing their board culture is less friendly and edgier?


They do. As for non-Ukrainians, as long as it's not Russians, they're generally pretty hospitable to everybody.

As for the conflict with Nichan, the main reason is in both boards' origin. Before either, there was Uchan. It was quite big for the time and definitely larger than everything that followed. Due to it's size it began manifesting the problems all big boards have. Toxicity, low effort shitposts etc, you name it. That's when Nichan's admin, Deimos decided to secede, creating Nichan. Main reasons were to create a less toxic community for comfy talks. Unfortunately, it died in 2013 though. Then, various boards came and went as "something that will replace Uchan". During all that, Uchan actually went down. In september of 2016 it suddenly stopped working. As it turned out, the admin of Uchan died a few months ago, so his site actually outlived him. After the death of Uchan refugees started to flood the remaining boards. One of the boards that got this wave of new people was Kropyvach(though way less than Fainach, that was the biggest for around a year or a half). In 2017-2018 it became clear that Kropyvach is becoming the biggest Ukrainian board out there. In 2020 Nichan was suddenly revived. People who weren't satisfied with Kropyvach came here. And most importantly, the ideas behind Nichan and Kropyva are somewhat different. Kropyvach is more of an average imageboard with all the edge and toxicity involved, while Nichan is more about idle politics and edge free chatting.

Kropyva = Ukrainian 4chan
Nichan = Ukrainian 8chan


>i don't think so
Nah, I've seen them be pretty friendly to anybody who's not Russian.


Very interesting to learn about the Ukrainian side of the Internet, thanks for that write up, Bezos.

I scrolled through their /int/, looks just about slower (if not deader) than nichan's own /int/.


Я так розумію, Меморію час наповнювати англомовними статтями.


File: 1626438294532.jpg (19.77 KB, 112x112, angelGASM.jpg)  

You can tell it's a genuine brit with perfect English.