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/int/ - Do you ever post on the nichan from or while at work? Yes t.Amicusposter

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Do you ever post on the nichan from or while at work?




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Sometimes when there's an interesting thread that I'm invested in, I do.

Pic unrelated.


Sometimes I post something on board during lessons.

I visit Nichan quite often, but recently there have been problems with the provider. The connection is terrible, I'm waiting for it to be fixed.

Amikusposter, pass the test for the probable life expectancy from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine:
(there is an English version)

If there is an error #500, just an update page.


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too much time


Not bad, Venezuela-kun. Some hardcore doomer in the other thread actually got 54, while he already lived like half of it. 74 seems actually good enough.


File: 1623984907914-0.png (181.07 KB, 1004x1080, amicus-disappointed.png)  

File: 1623984907914-1.png (8.69 KB, 513x342, for-nichan.PNG)  

Wtf, why is mine so low?


My result is 76. But I plan to live as long as I can take care of myself. Then I will commit suicide and all. Why live in old age with a lot of diseases and disabilities?


Right now!



He meant that he's on his work rn and us posting here.




Of course


Yes I meant that! :D


ちなみに、日本くん。僕はちょっとだけ日本語が知ってる。JLPTを受けずに僕の日本語レベルをどう試したいがいいのかな? 漢字以外では結構上手だと思うのだけれど何かの確認が欲しい。


"IT people" from the institution where i am at dont know how to properly block sites, not even the basics such as 18+


Maybe they don't want to?


>the institution

Maybe they do it on purpose to let people dig their own graves



I have no job.