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/int/ - Spanish language is so cute Also I think it would be very cool to have a relationship with a Spanish-speaking girl

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Spanish language is so cute

Also I think it would be very cool to have a relationship with a Spanish-speaking girl


Na Hispachan, bydlo.


Yeah, sure, great place to search for one. Girls are a rarity on the boards as is and you're looking for a Spanish one in this desert. No way in hell, Bezos, no way in hell.


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Of course, there are no girls here. There are no Spaniards (yet). But Venezuela-kun, as far as I understand, is Spanish-speaking.


File: 1622578991692.png (923.95 KB, 1228x1000, ClipboardImage.png)  

Looking to hook some Spaniard girls with him and settle them on this board? A cunning plan, I must say. Venezuela-kun, you're in?


but looking for gilrs is hard
afaik there are 2 girls (female) on 4kek /lat/

there were some on hispa, but it's not as popular as before


If there were Spanish girls here, I would lick them every day and every night.


Good night, btw


>two girls in one board
It's impossible. But, as people say, nothing is impossible, lol


I can speak Spanish, but personally, I don't particularly enjoy the language. Never particularly liked Hispanic or Mexican culture since I was a little nerd, and I associate Spanish with that really extroverted, loud culture that I don't relate to.


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Is it true that the word "putin" in Spanish means "little bitch"?


It can, but I've never heard anyone use that word IRL.


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Amikusposter, how did you study Spanish? How grammatically is difficult compared to English?


File: 1624219058722.jpg (240.73 KB, 1613x2048, Amicus-full.jpg)  

I didn't study Spanish, I grew up speaking it because of my parents.


Lying in bed, I continue to dream of a Spanish-speaking blonde (it's impossible, lol (or not?)), whose life I will save. She will live in Ukraine. Also she will learn Ukrainian quickly, but will use me as an translator to spend as much time with me.
I will hear beautiful Spanish words in her beautiful voice every day. And we will die young.

What an idiot I am, lol.


Don't let your dreams be memes, Bezos. Go visit Spain, obtain your Spanish-speaking gf.


Among the Spanish girls are blue-eyed blondes?


I'm sure there's a few. It's really rare for Latin Americans to be blond and blue-eyed, but there are same. But if you want a blond, and blue-eyed Spanish speaker, try Spain. They're still uncommon, but probably more numerous than in Latin America.


I knew a blue-eyed pure Portuguese man. It's possible.


yes, even here
my neighbour is blonde with blue eyes (she's the only one though, the rest of her family has brownish hair)


I once remember meeting a Mexican man who was so brown-skinned he looked Amerindian, but he had German-tier blue eyes. It was really weird, like seeing something that shouldn't exist, ya know?