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/int/ - Been a bit of a slow month on the nichan's /int/. Tell us how've you been, Bezos. Anything new, anything you wanna share?

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File: 1618512435527.png (54.82 KB, 200x200, t_83ab8d2e8a0926b09f091713….png)  


Been a bit of a slow month on the nichan's /int/. Tell us how've you been, Bezos. Anything new, anything you wanna share?


Hello! What topics are you interested in? We can talk.


I'm disappointed. The girl I like is dating a bad parody of me.

I thought she had enough brains to date me. And it turned out that she likes morons, cattle and degenerates.

I'm disappointed, bro


>anything you wanna share?
CP bait?


The industrial output of the Ottoman Empire during WWI

Maybe you should try dating a fellow Bezos?

No, not that


What is the name of that cartoon? I remember its some german man who dresses up like hitler and the captions say "maybe he's feeling nostalgic".

I've seen it once but I can't find it anymore.


No money, no weed, heda hurts, cant sleep, toxic people all around. I'm thinking of ending this finally but there is a catch: I shouldnt think about it just do it.


Why is everything so bad?


File: 1618981186260.png (27.81 KB, 657x527, night-apu-apustaja.png)  

>heda hurts, cant sleep

I know that feel, Bezos. Recently, I've developed this inability to fall asleep at all, and it's scary for me.

Just gotta keep hoping we're gonna make it.


i think i fugged my internal clock
i go to bed at the same time, but
i still cant sleep well
NEETing is not for me


File: 1619045851771.jpg (234.21 KB, 576x1280, 200016700528_157918.jpg)  

Venezuela-kun, do you have a girlfriend?


File: 1619045871919.jpg (39.65 KB, 480x270, RnGEd93.jpg)  

quarantine ruined my plans

but at least i found really nice and interesting people


no, i'm not really handsome, also shy af

>that pic



Your subjective opinion, no more.


we have to make plans for getting gf

step 1: go out
step 2: find a girl
hot to continue ?


>Venezuela-kun, do you have a girlfriend?

the smell of new vaginal pain, but already in /int/. For what?


>find a girl
no, boy :))


I really like it when you constantly react to my posts, lol


and to me, how clumsily you use a translator


You are such a nice person!


i know


It's even better!



i know (again)



File: 1619047578505.jpg (57.71 KB, 509x308, IMG_20210422_022310.jpg)  

who down litter?


>how've you been
Crohn's disease is fucking stupid and gay


Just hang on there, Bezos


So where are the furryboy and Venezuela-kun now, when we need them so much? I want them to see these moments of greatness.


File: 1622351209772.png (392.77 KB, 1336x1080, amicus-talking-eyes-c.png)  

I'm still here


I was thinking about you, lol.


Aw, how sweet. And in any case, Venezuela-kun posted just last week concerning his plants.


He was here that night, so all is well. How are you?


Great, happy because I have a three day weekend due to a holiday that falls on Monday. Cheers!