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/int/ - Do you have bugs in Ukraine?

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File: 1608252561469.png (1.53 MB, 1170x615, ClipboardImage.png)  


Do you have bugs in Ukraine?



Which one is your favourite?


File: 1608278757856.jpg (76.71 KB, 800x533, Libelloides_macaronius_(Sc….jpg)  

You have a patchy owlfly in Ukraine! It is very cute.


I don't have my favorite beetle, but I can name the insects I hate.


File: 1608281957031.png (26.76 KB, 283x182, ClipboardImage.png)  


Oh, we do. I had a specific bug yesterday, spent the whole day fixing it.


Deimos, is that you?


File: 1608295297402.jpg (127.71 KB, 800x781, 800px-Greta_oto.jpg)  

You asked Ukraine but as this is int I will reply anyway

yes, there are
the glasswing butterfly is fasinating imo