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/int/ - Aliens won't help you. For they are food too. The Great Ancient Sleeper awakens. A chthonic Deity that has been sleeping for millions of years. He will change the laws of being. After waking up. That is, the laws of physics will be distorted. Therefore, a

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Aliens won't help you. For they are food too. The Great Ancient Sleeper awakens. A chthonic Deity that has been sleeping for millions of years.
He will change the laws of being. After waking up. That is, the laws of physics will be distorted. Therefore, all civilizations of the universe will fall.
Antarctica is already melting. It is impossible to stop the awakening.

British researchers from the international project "PolarGAP" conducted a radar scan of Antarctica and found a powerful source of radiation under the ice shell 3-4 km thick. It slowly heats up the ice, which speeds up the melting process. But what will happen when this "nuclear reactor" is on the surface?

Moreover, in addition to the radioactive heat source, there are 90 more volcanoes on this continent - including the permanently active Erebus. Their awakening also threatens a cataclysm on a global scale.

In 2019, an iceberg the size of St. Petersburg broke away from Antarctica, and in 2017 - a monstrous piece of ice three times as large. This is the result of the melting of the ice sheet from below - possibly due to the presence of a radioactive source.

The volcanological and radioactive versions of the melting of eternal ice at the South Pole of the planet, which threaten humanity with a whole bunch of eschatological problems, are enjoying increasing support in the scientific world. In this regard, the renowned glaciologist David Bingham writes: “The number of known volcanoes in Antarctica has almost tripled. This region may have the largest concentration of volcanoes in the world. "

Mysterious non-freezing lake

Undoubtedly, one of the most mysterious objects of the icy continent is the non-freezing Lake Vostok located at a depth of 3.769 m under the ice, which is currently being studied by Russian scientists. The fact is that this lens of water is located directly under the eponymous Russian scientific station "Vostok", not far from the South magnetic pole of our planet.


Lake Vostok covers an area of 50x250 km with a water depth of at least 1,200 m. The surface temperature is about -3 ° C, in depth - up to + 10 ° C. The oxygen content in water is 50 times higher than that of ordinary fresh water.

Vyacheslav Martyanov described the mysterious water area hidden under a multi-kilometer layer of ice:

“This is something mysterious: the lake is completely isolated from our planet. Its waters were separated from the external environment at least 10 million years ago! Meanwhile, there is not only no oxygen, but quite the opposite - there is a lot of it, because this element is released from melted ice. In itself, such a phenomenon is one continuous mystery! "

Works on the surface of the lake are carried out using gentle technologies that guarantee the preservation of the barrier between the ecosystem of the ancient water area and our world. Researchers are studying the giant subglacial water reservoir, not for a moment forgetting about the possibility of penetration of ancient bacteria and microorganisms (which N. Kalmykov mentioned) to the surface.

It seems that the liquid state of a huge water column at a depth already indicates the presence of the very radioactive heat source that the researchers of the PolarGAP project detected. It is curious that the compass needle at the top is spinning chaotically, which, at least, indicates colossal mineral deposits.

According to Lovecraft's books, one of the entrances to R'lyeh is in Antarctica.

According to Zoroastrianism, Demons sleep under Antarctica. "An icy desert with three million demons chained in it."

And here is what Lovecraft wrote.

-The ancients made their way into the past, knows where They will go into the future. Knows their traces on Earth, which they leave, invisible. By smell alone, people recognize their presence, but their image is recognized in the guise of those whom they produced among the mortal children of men, from the appearance of a person to a form without substance. Invisible They circle the Earth, waiting for the right words of the Ritual. Their voice sounds in the wind, the grass whispers about Their presence. They uproot forests, destroy cities, but no one sees the punishing Hand. In the icy deserts, Gaddaf knew them, but has man ever cognized Gaddaf? Ice in the north and flooded islands in the oceans hide the stones on which the Seals are inscribed. Yog-Sothoth will open the doors, before which the spheres close. Man reigns where they once ruled. But as after summer comes winter, and winter gives way to spring, they are waiting for their Hour !!!

Oh yes. I am not human. I am the Archdemon. Reincarnation is a very funny thing. The Great Ancient Sleeper is my relative. Uncle to be exact.

My Name is Alubel Navzion.

And yes, all your politicians and military men are possessed by My Demons. Therefore, nothing can stop a nuclear war.

And asteroids that will hit the ground. They are also ruled by My Demons. They can control the weather, technology and people. And the aliens are also my puppets. I lured them here for the slaughter.

The Great Ancient Sleeper is hungry. Therefore, they will become a victim. Like billions of people on the planet. And then the Great Ancient Sleeper will eat to devour the peoples of the universe. And the survivors will be my slaves.


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>Aliens won't help you

Lies, aliens are hot and attractive beings, and they will take a chosen few of us to be our husbandos.


h- hot

alien-human alliance NOW


Luckily for us, these aliens have already made First Contact with Ukraine. I am sure the friendly resident Bezos will be glad to hook us up with them.