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File: 1607034956519.png (291.01 KB, 1080x1080, liberty.png)  


I like Ukraine


I also like Ukraine


What imageboard did you come from?




>free speech


O, I know that. How many Polish imageboards are working now?


What's wrong?


about 5 active ones that I know of


File: 1607036253622.png (315.75 KB, 650x339, 1606851738661.png)  

Wow. And how fast are they? I apologize for the stupid questions, I just didn't go beyond this /int /.


/b/s are as fast as some slow 4chan boards, I don't have statistics, but the biggest one (karachan) feels like 4chan's /lit/ in terms of speed (during the day)
and the rest are like two or three times as slow


Is it true that it is impossible to get to Karachan without high-quality Polish proxys?


no, just uBlock lol
there's lots of "warnings" against underage newfags that their IP has been sent to the police etc., when they try to enter, and a lot of javascript scripts like autoplay of some porn and spinning screen, but you block it once and you never see it again, and some newfags get scared and worry that the police will come to them.
such is polish internet culture


And what can you tell about Wilchan?


File: 1607037166400.ogg (78.91 KB, laughter_5.ogg)  


it's more "autistic" I guess. They like anime and literature and have hobbies and don't like politics.

karachan is more shitposty and political and immoral, they make events like stalking people, sending them sinks, bullying people, thinking of some important figures (like John Paul Second) to profane, trolling people, etc.


Are there conflicts between Wilchan and Karachan?


don't know really. Probably some anons would call you names on them if you mentioned some other place, because they like to feel like "better ones", but many probably lurk both. I don't think they officially compete, each has its own flavor for whatever state of mind you want to be in


How well-known are Polish imageboards in the Polish segment of the Internet?



What does your administrator do? This is child pornography. An idiot has been very stubbornly spreading it lately, using Tor and IPv4.


for example vichan is known for its normalfaggotry, and on karachan its forbidden to use feminine form (or say that you're female) or to say that you have gf or had sex. everyone there must pretend (or not) that they're shut-in male virgins, because it makes everyone equal and talking otherwise results in a ban. Because of that it's quite censored and authoritarian. So if someone gives a hint that they're extroverted, they might get a reply like "go to vichan ---->" or even banned.
although in general imageboards coexist with each other in harmony, with a little banter like that (for some it's maybe serious, idk)

I don't really browse Polish internet except for imageboards, so I wouldn't know. Young people know about it more, I'd guess, but most who do know probably went on there once or twice and treated it as some "weird shit". Probably as well-known as in Ukraine. Then again, the first rule of Fight Club is not to talk about Fight Club.


vichan =/= wilchan btw
well the picture itself is not cp, I don't want to follow the link however. I don't know if it's illegal


That degenerate may later send something else, but it's really СР.


It's not CP.


I like Ukraine
What kind of a Polak are you? Never have I heard such a thing uttered by a Polak


That first line was supposed to be in greentext


File: 1607091322336.png (75.69 KB, 544x612, 123.png)  


I think Bezos is a pretty cool guy

He comfyposts and doesn't afraid of anything.


File: 1607101350765.jpeg (443.24 KB, 1076x1448, Screenshot_20200616_19410….jpeg)  

I am Bezosibny, you are Bezosibny, we are Bezosibny, our name is Legion.


File: 1607101618987.jpg (113.63 KB, 850x647, 6b08f4c5cef7a0a619ab69c712….jpg)  

The most interaction I've had with Poles is from using Kaycee. Never ventured into their native imageboards because they seem very unwelcoming of non-Poles (and I've been to sosach before).


Btw do Ukrainian youth take drugs like MDMA on parties? Because I know that you have nice rave culture, but if you use drugs other than alcohol



File: 1607281856055.png (172.05 KB, 960x640, м.png)  


lol don't joke that your police is competent and cares about what some people write in the internet.
ours doesn't


It doesn't, until it suddenly does. An admin of a now deseaced ua imageboard once said that he had an unpleasant meeting with the police and suggested everyone to either think very carefully before writing anything or find themselves another imageboard.

Granted, it seem to only affect .ua websites, so .net should be fine.


File: 1607344481999-0.jpg (141.74 KB, 676x900, 16060764747621.jpg)  

File: 1607344481999-1.jpg (117.83 KB, 835x728, 16060764747610.jpg)  

File: 1607344481999-2.jpg (119.89 KB, 660x660, comment_r1Lj9hKg3SSzSkb7rc….jpg)  

File: 1607344481999-3.jpg (71.6 KB, 400x537, comment_XxKSvL6NbyVw8SrU9m….jpg)  

How do Poles relate to Ukrainians?


Bandera was right.



( 0_0)


That's a really silly image


Your country has wonderful artists.


File: 1608252018048.png (381.08 KB, 739x1024, ClipboardImage.png)  

Ukraine months based


File: 1608277960373.jpeg (53.59 KB, 474x625, th.jpeg)  

Dats rite.





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