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File: 1606749124304.jpg (3.04 KB, 192x160, ClipboardImage.jpg)  


I like trains.


I also. They have a very sexy cabin.


File: 1606762027158.jpg (11.69 KB, 425x424, schielkadse verärgert.jpg)  

I like trains too
but they don't like me


File: 1606765296890-0.jpg (264.22 KB, 1280x857, 2Mb0XdXxye8.jpg)  

File: 1606765296890-1.jpg (94.31 KB, 750x420, t4OCMtorwFY.jpg)  

File: 1606765296890-2.jpg (356.62 KB, 1279x687, u2bcyyDMooA.jpg)  

File: 1606765296890-3.jpg (616.28 KB, 1595x1195, o0uF1gTjoi4.jpg)  

sexy anime trains


Very German-tier post.


File: 1606767780565.png (429.03 KB, 480x314, ClipboardImage.png)  



File: 1606772019933.png (2.23 MB, 1273x1024, ClipboardImage.png)  



Why read propagadna lies when you have more serious problems to worry about, Ukraine.


let's better talk about trainz


File: 1606817635360.jpg (69 KB, 828x606, IMG_20201130_175208_570.jpg)  

It seems to be just a joke based on a national stereotype.


File: 1606817750337.jpg (155.72 KB, 900x600, b34-E19 12.jpg)  


your pic is cringe


File: 1606995109478.png (422.63 KB, 600x337, ClipboardImage.png)  


File: 1607179849063.png (564.83 KB, 637x358, ClipboardImage.png)