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/int/ - /int/ is the gayest board on the nichan and I love it

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/int/ is the gayest board on the nichan and I love it


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I love you too ^_^


>/int/ is the gayest board
Why you think so?


>Why you think so?

why don't you ?


that's gay


Gay is not okay.


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In principle, gay is okay. But in practice, gay is a penis fetish - not an attraction to men. Gay seeks the mostly womanly man possible and practice a straight sex role. Absolutely abhorrent.


My point - what even is the point of being gay if you roleplay being a man and a woman in the relationship? If gay was real why isn't there a relationship between 2 men, and neither of them are playing a role of woman(eg. bottom, sub, queen), but instead is true self?


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This post is the most self-aware gay. This describes most of gays I have ever known.


although i'm interested in romantic relationships with guys, i don't like the look of penis. lol.


I imagine not many gays want a relationship with you if you think like that.


File: 1608277401393.png (1.46 MB, 1080x1080, ClipboardImage.png)  

where did i say everyone wanted me? i just say what i like.
although sometimes i get overexcited and then i want to suck. i'm afraid of myself then. perhaps it is the work of the kikes.


You asked why gay was not okay. I am telling you, that the vast majority of "gays" are not really interested in men or masculinity, do not admire the male form - only phallus. Gay couple are 2 men roleplaying a heterosexual relationship. One is internalized attraction to woman so he plays the role of a woman, and one is externalized so he seeks a man who acts and looks like a woman.




If only 2 men loved each other as equals, for whom they are, instead of playing shallow heterosexual relationship roles.. I would reconsider. After all the fact that 2 are an equal in a homo relationship is a main appeal - you would think the point of a gay relation - but gays actively work against this.


then who am i?


Maybe my future husband, who knows



File: 1608294468683.jpg (48.72 KB, 426x381, 1451157557073.jpg)  

>Gay seeks the mostly womanly man possible and practice a straight sex role.


>This describes most of gays I have ever known.
In my tg homo group only like 1/2 is like that

lurking on hm you realize there's a lot of kinds


All "different kinds" of gays are expressing some different heterosexuality penis fetish in a different way. For example, internalized (deliberately acts and looks like woman because it turns him on to do that; bottom/sub) and externalized (deliberately seeks man who looks and acts like woman; top/dom).


File: 1608315301432.jpg (170.48 KB, 1080x2020, Screenshot_20201218_201414.jpg)  

Apparently, I was the only one who thought that "gay" in the OP post means "веселий" (synonym for "cheerful"), lol


and that's how it should be
/int/ is the most cheerful board on nichan


By different I mean different. there's gays who like to classify "you have to be either top or bottom", and there's others who dgaf. there's some who say that "they are gays but romaticism is not possible between men", and there's others who look for a love story. Not everything is related to dicks.

I don't know why you feel entitled to talk for awhole bunch of people who have NOTHING in common but feeling sexual atraction for their same sex.
If that's your experience, then that's what it is, your experience with gays, nothing else.




File: 1608771803304.jpg (239.88 KB, 529x900, Gay_Pride_Boy_SanFrancisco.jpg)  


don't tell me that's a boy


File: 1608811569820.png (1.7 MB, 819x1024, ClipboardImage.png)  


File: 1608811917877.png (1.19 MB, 600x800, ClipboardImage.png)  

These parents deserve to lose their parential rights. Poor kids, getting their lives ruined before they can even comprehend the world around them.

Don't care about adult gays and trannies, but kids need to be prrotected from that shit.


>Don't care about adult gays and trannies, but kids need to be prrotected from that shit.
kids are just kids, those concepts are alien to them


Of course....


File: 1608960628545.jpg (469.32 KB, 850x550, Miamiboy2picshappy.jpg)  

It's the Kids they choose who they wanna be not the Parents Transgender is Normal it's Legal now it's the New 20's.....


Why do weirdos like you like capitalizing random words and ending your posts with ellipsis? Anywho, outside of kids raised by dumb hippies that's not really the case.