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/int/ - No Bezos posted over the weekend

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File: 1605503668443.jpg (32.59 KB, 452x423, d153b6bb579019313d85b6973c….jpg)  


No Bezos posted over the weekend


Sad, but true


I kept refreshing the page waiting to see some new post or thread, but nothing.


Just yesterday all day everyone quarreled in /b/, and didn't have time for other boards, lol.


Yesterday in the evening I watched the European PUBG Mobile Championship, I was upset and went to bed.


No new people have joined the site for a long time ...

And the old ones slowly loose interest.


Buy I'm glad Amicus-kun is still with us.


Do Bezos just not enjoy talking to non-Ukrainian Bezos?

Well, PUBG is fun, so you are forgiven.

Perhaps it is time for another round of advertising this place. 420chan, u18chan, microchan, etc.

Aww, thanks, Bezos. I like small cozy IBs.


File: 1605558973792.png (86.41 KB, 573x460, 1460378406922.png)  

it's hard to find more people at the start, I invited a fren but never posted


File: 1605559590331.jpg (96.39 KB, 960x1200, IMG_20201114_134422_551.jpg)  

>Do Bezos just not enjoy talking to non-Ukrainian Bezos?
Lol. Maybe, foreign bezos carry the coronavirus, so we are reluctant to communicate with them. Joke.
In fact, it is interesting to communicate with foreigners, but the local bezos is lazy. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to wake him up.