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/int/ - Venezuela-kun, why are you on that shithole Kohlchan?

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File: 1603137493941.jpg (120.18 KB, 1286x814, b84.jpeg.jpg)  


Venezuela-kun, why are you on that shithole Kohlchan?


I thought he was on Yulilauta, lol.


I'm everywhere!

well, there I found about this place, so it can't be that bad

also, if you found me that means you were also there, so you cannot judge!



Book of poems by anon for anon ^~^


in yli there's like 3 Venezuelans tho


File: 1603160414724.jpg (15.83 KB, 500x378, 2b3.jpg)  

>that title
lmao that must be epic


and in kc like 3 or 7 posters from Venezuela
how can you be sure the one you saw was me?


Here is a free link to it. It is pretty edgy. I am proofreading my second book now it is more edited down and a little less controversal. Even if you don't buy or whatever thanks for even reading it!! ^_^



File: 1603178617589.jpg (2.78 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20200812_202007.jpg)  

Dude, aren't you afraid of deanon? Is Tony Wilder a nickname?


Yeah its a pen name


File: 1603591743885.png (33.92 KB, 941x636, 486b9d7a28cca3d5af23fc5af2….png)  

nice. I really love this kind of stuff, how you can get into some else's mind and relate somehow (i have not finished tho)