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File: 1601033568607.jpg (126.27 KB, 1280x720, IMG_20200925_063712.jpg)  


This sunrise was beautiful


Looks like makoto shinkai


File: 1601052727821.jpg (35.21 KB, 800x500, 4edeab8e308cc940fa6f229d61….jpg)  

A shame my phone couldn't capture the pink glow reflected over the walls


File: 1601061559818-0.jpg (2.66 MB, 3456x4608, IMG_20200925_182742.jpg)  

File: 1601061559818-1.jpg (2.97 MB, 3456x4608, IMG_20200925_183201.jpg)  

File: 1601061559818-2.jpg (2.98 MB, 3456x4608, IMG_20200925_183141.jpg)  

I will try to take a picture of the sunrise in the morning. Here are just photos from the streets.


P.S. The photos was taken a few hours ago.


Wow, that looks cool. Or at least unusual. If possible, take similar photos, please.


looks nice
quiet, comfy
(...but driving over there must be awful :v)


File: 1601062939731-0.jpg (118.89 KB, 1280x720, IMG_20200925_063653.jpg)  

File: 1601062939731-1.jpg (118.39 KB, 1280x720, IMG_20200925_063702.jpg)  

>Or at least unusual
It was incredibly unusual, all my house looked yellow-pink, but the camera couldn't capture that


It's still a pretty good road, lol.


I remember how in the summer before the storm, the sky and everything around changed color from yellow to red and then to blue. Something reminiscent of Emission in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.


File: 1601423124838.jpg (1.59 MB, 4608x3456, IMG_20200929_071650.jpg)  

Yesterday's sunrise.


File: 1601423257246.jpg (8.3 MB, 3456x4608, IMG_20200929_154732.jpg)  

No, this is not a lake. This is the road after the rain.


File: 1601426392478-0.jpg (46.94 KB, 643x576, EirVoquWkAM9JtB.jpg)  

File: 1601426392478-1.jpg (126.15 KB, 1024x1024, Eir-G8CWsAQgETr.jpg)  

fugg :DDD
Spain-like XD
(ok no)


File: 1601427180098.jpg (47.86 KB, 1054x526, aaqao.jpg)  

>that horizon