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/int/ - Has Bezos ever seen a ghost or experienced anything spooky?

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Has Bezos ever seen a ghost or experienced anything spooky?


Not directly, but it seemed like my grandma used to believe in domovyk (house spirit from slavic mythology).

She told a lot about hearing the footsteps from the attic when she spent the nights in her countryhouse, knowing for sure there is noone else in there.

Or when I was like 12 and she was visiting us, I remember my father waking me up in the middle of the night and asking me to trade beds with her. Only much later, after several years passed I was told that she woke up because "a domovyk tried to choke her". She panicked and refused to sleep in this bed or in this room, so my father asked me to sleep there instead.

Needless to say, I never encountered any of those and don't really believe in that crap.


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>You will never sit around a campfire drinking beers with fellow Bezos and sharing ghost stories

Feels bad man


>seen a ghost

>anything spooky

I'm just easily frightened :V
alot of things are spooky for me
but I like horror movies/stories anyway


don't worry babe I'll protect you


My dad is a school warden. There was a Nazi hospital camp in World War II, so people talk about ghosts and stuff. One day I came there with my dad and heard some strange spooky sounds. That was scary.




Sadly, I have never experienced anything like that myself. Me and some friends went to a notoriously "haunted" local spot, and we didn't see or hear anything and left after getting bored.


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Ball lightning count as spooky thing?


They are according to my subconsciousness, I had a few nightmares about getting incinerated by them although I never saw one irl.


aww :3