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/int/ - Who else hates their jobs? t.posting from work

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Who else hates their jobs?

t.posting from work


My job's kinda ok. Not a dream job, but can't say I hate it. Why do you keep a job you hate?


Because I need the money, nigga. Also, I thought this would be a good opportunity and left the cozier position I had because I got greedy.


So what do you do on your job?


I'm just a NEET, don't have a clue how to wörk härd.


Gov't position.

My previous position was in another gov't position, although it was a smaller agency.


Are you a garch?



File: 1592499026382.jpg (103.99 KB, 604x466, kzLujtAKdu0.jpg)  

I don't hate any adequate work, I hate problematic people with stupid decisions




County, state, federal level?




File: 1592502407253.jpeg (443.24 KB, 1076x1448, Screenshot_20200616_19410….jpeg)  

Is it true that government officials also sit on imageboards?


Two solutions:
1. Upgrade to state level
2. Leave and start own business


Yes, we do, and we even have our very own IB