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/int/ - Very comfy board. Is Amicusposting allowed?

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File: 1592525470383-0.png (95.65 KB, 284x253, amicus-question.PNG)  

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Very comfy board. Is Amicusposting allowed?


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File: 1592528443749.jpg (131.36 KB, 1440x1751, amicus-rose.jpg)  

Amicus, my 2D husbando, whom I love very much


File: 1592529234221.jpg (84.59 KB, 960x593, MeNtB5v.jpg)  

why not?


File: 1592529900082.png (245.98 KB, 1060x1080, amicus-happy-eyes.png)  

Based Ukraine

The assburgers on the Kaycee get triggered to Hell and back if I so much as post or mention him